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I’m a student studying for a Masters in England, and my research project is looking at how to help women cope with everyday sexism in the workplace.
The rationale is that, currently, sexism is prevalent in the workplace - and we need more ways to help women cope with the emotional impact of sexism whilst we work to achieve a society where sexism is a thing of the past.
In order to finish my study, I need women who are willing to spend 5 minutes filling in a short survey about their workplace experiences - the more responses I get, the better my research is and the more impact I can try to make!
Anyone interested, please click the link below:
Thanks :)

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"Hey I’ve been a long time follower and I really love everything you post but I was wondering if you would signal boost this post for a film that we’re trying to get made, it would really mean a lot to us and we think that the story of Joan of Arc is a beautiful one and we really hope that we can make this short film. Again, most of the people working on it are women who are really trying to make it into the film industry here in Arizona and it’s truly a terrible place and industry to be in as a woman and we’re all really interested in changing that.” -submitted by  

Absolutely! Thank you for your work! <3

Sexism and Objectification in the Sales and Service Industries

"That submission about street harassment reminded me of a situation earlier today.  I was at work and I approached a customer (male), as I am suppose to do because I work in sale and customer service, and before I can even say “how can I help you today?” he smiles at me and says “Hello, beautiful”.  Later, when I was on my lunch in the food court, he was sitting a few tables away, saw me and proceeded to creepily stare at me until his children joined him.

This is not an isolated incident.  Regularly when I approach male customers to greet them I am greeted with “Hey, beautiful”, “Hello, pumpkin”, “Hey, how you doin’” - all with creepy gazes down my body like I’m there for their viewing pleasure.  And I can’t do anything but ignore it because I’m at work and it’s part of the job.  I can’t do anything unless they try to touch me, unless their words get really nasty, and then all that will happen is that they will move me to a different part of the store until the customer leaves.

I have been asked out, men have demanded my phone number or tried to give me theirs, and all because I’m doing my job.  It’s my job to be nice to these people.  It’s my job to be pleasant and enjoyable to be around.  It’s my job to give these people attention and make them feel attended to.  That’s part of excellent sales.  It’s an experience you don’t get at lower-end stores, so it’s a selling advantage.

It just shows you the entitlement that these men have, because they think my time and attention is actually for them and not because of my job, or if they do realize my limitations because of my job they are taking advantage of that to put me in an uncomfortable position.” - submission by  

I HATE THAT. I literally hate that. I worked as a waitress all throughout high school and a retail sales associate as I worked my way through college, and having to deal with ridiculousness like that is an every day occurrence in those types of service jobs that are primarily dominated by women (and therefore underpaid.) It is SO infuriating, especially because you’re right, you can’t do anything but ignore it unless you can risk losing your job. (And let’s face it, people working these types of jobs can rarely risk not having income.) Which is why I think it’s so important to talk about it. To write about it. To share it. 

Thank you for your submission! (And I’m sorry you had to deal with that creepy asshole today.) <3

Not an OkCupid experience but worth sharing:

"I live in New York, and in this city you quite regularly encounter things and people that makes the feminist in you go completely mad, frustrated, desperate. (just such as the everyday comments of “oooh you look good”, “come here sweetie” , “why won’t you look at me with those beautiful eyes of yours?”) but tonight must have been the crème de la crop of everyday sexism. Me and my best friend were walking down 40th street when all of a sudden we hear someone behind us talking, I hear words like “sex” and “hot” but think that the guy must be speaking to somebody else, but the words follow us for several more moments and I look over and meet his stare and I now hear what he’s saying: “you wanna come to my apartment? We can have sex, the three of us?  Huh you wanna do that?” We both start to walk faster but he keeps on following us (and do note that we’re in the middle of a crowded street), and he keeps on talking, about all the horrible things he would do to us and before we finally get away from him (by crossing to the wrong side of the street from where we were heading), he says: “Come to my apartment and you can suck my d*ck” , 

A huge part of me wanted to turn around and kickbox him and scream and yell all the feminists rants in the world that I could think of, but I didn’t dare to, and I realized that it was no point of doing so, because I was already the victim.

Sorry, just had to share this because I am boiling over with anger.” - submitted by  

First, thank you so much for submitting! (Submissions of everyday micro-aggressions/harassment/objectification are always welcome!)

Secondly, what a fucking douche-bag. I, too, like so many other women, have experienced how scary and infuriating cat-calling and street harassment can be. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that bullshit tonight.

Feminist Filmmaker Seeking Support!

Hello Fellow Feminists!

I’m tired of how periods are represented in the media. Like the women who get them, I believe they’re each extremely unique and I am making a short film that challenges the stereotypes and celebrates the period! I just wanted to share my project and let you know that I’ll be starting a conversation on Twitter for this movement every Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 18: #IfMyPeriodHadaName
Tuesday, March 25: #CrampingMyStyle
Tuesday, April 1: #PeriodHorrorStories
Tuesday, April 8: #ShitMyPeriodSays
Tuesday, April 15: #NotOvaryActing
Tuesday, April 22: #GoWithTheFlow

Example: Call her Abby McStabby because she looks cute but SHE STABS ME TO DEATH EVERY MONTH. #ifmyperiodhadaname

I hope you can join us! Thank you for your time!

Kristine Gerolaga

I have seen several posts on here about creepshots, that’s how I first heard about it. It disgusts me. I just now started two petitions against it, one with and one with Please help me get signatures? Thank you so much.

I need 100,000 by march 27th on the whitehouse one and they will have to do something about it. I really want to get something done with this issue.

There are so many things wrong with this article, I can’t even piece my thoughts together.

"Maybe I’m late to the party here, but have you guys seen this article yet:

-submitted by allthemorebeautiful 


Hey! I actually did see this article, and I posted it on Facebook earlier today with this in response to it:

I’m SICK of seeing bullshit like this. STOP policing every choice girls/women. STOP shaming them for trying to fit in to a society that treats them like sex objects. STOP acting as if your sons are innocent, and start teaching them to be decent human beings with restraint and respect for other people.

I love your blog :)

"Hi! I love your blog. I recently started my own feminist tumbleblog, and I am hoping you might be interested in some of the things I’m writing on. I don’t know if it’s inappropriate or self-promoting to suggest that, but I hope not, and I’m sorry if it is!

Two posts you might be interested in (there are more, but these seem up your alley):
(1) On Sexual Assault “Prevention Tips”
(2) "You’re too Pretty to be a Lawyer." 

Thank you! Keep on rocking the awesome blog! :)”

- submitted by a-golden-lasso-of-my-own 

"Just found the tumblr “Exploding Actresses” where artist? comedian? Simone Rovellini uses his skills to dramatically explode the heads off only female characters in films… oh and then their headless corpses continue to walk around.

Each explosion hits me right in the gut. It is incredibly offensive and misogynistic. Things like this perpetuate a culture of violence around women and, by making it a joke, thus more acceptable and easier to pass around because, “Hey man, lighten up, look at his sweet skillz.”

Now to get this disgusting taste out of my mouth…”

-submitted by suspendedlikespirits 


This really is awful.

"It was actually a few weeks ago, during the E3 video game conference. During one of the Xbox One’s new debuts of a game, a male higher-up in the company was playing a female Microsoft worker (not sure of her status) and it was a fighting game. Part way through, he was totally beating her at the game and said, "Shhh, just let it happen." 

There was PLENTY of outrage, believe me. Anita Sarkeesian aka Feminist Frequency aka @femfreq, the creator of the Tropes vs. Women youtube series, was one of many gamers who spoke out vehemently. Articles were written. Excuses were made. Men were idiots. The usual.”

-submitted by homohysteria 


Wowwww. That’s awful, and sadly, not surprising at all. Thanks for the information.

Submission (TW:Rape)

Hi there, my name’s Aryn. I’m a contributor of my friend Jen’s online magazine, The Feminist Observer. We’re having a kickstarter campaign right now to begin funding the rest of this year’s publications. We could really use some more support, as we’ve only reached $100 of our $1,000+ goal. Even if you can only pledge $1, that’s still $1 more than we had! We really appreciate everyone’s help and support because without all of you this would not be possible! Even if you can’t make a pledge, please spread the word and share this with your friends! Thank you all so, so much!

White House petition about consent in sex-ed!
So… What are we going to do about this “Steubenville Legend”?

-submitted by bigblackbootslongbrownhair 

"Steubenville High School football coach Reno Saccoccia not only knew that two of his players had sexually assaulted a teen-age girl during a booze-fueled night last August, he also tried to shield his athletes from prosecution, evidence presented during last week’s trial of the two players suggests.

Saccoccia, who has won three state championships and has been inducted into the Ohio Coaches Hall of Fame, is just one of the Steubenville coaches, parents and students who could face criminal charges after a grand jury reviews evidence from the case next month.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced on Sunday that he would convene a grand jury on April 15 to determine if criminal charges should be filed against coaches, parents and football players who failed to report shared photos of the assault on social media, failed to report the incident or attempted to cover it up.”

So he’s facing criminal charges, as he should be.

There’s also a petition going around to get Saccoccia fired:

It only needs 641 more signatures. LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!



I’d like to ask of you a favour… 4 Native Australians in Western Australia alone have killed themselves this week. A not-well-known native blogger on youtube has talked about her situation. I know you have a decent amount of followers, if you could reblog the link below it would forever be APPRECIATED 100% ALWAYS

at least if a number of people outside of Australia knew what were happening here, they won’t be able to “kill them and say they enjoyed it.”

thankyou in advance if you do or do not reblog it, hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!~

— eibmorb

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