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I’m selling my feminist-inspired paintings in my Etsy Shop to be able to attend the Association of Women in Psychology’s 2012 National Conference in TWO WEEKS!! :)

This year’s conference has a special focus on advancing personal development, bolstering feminism in academia, and cultivating global awareness. And get this, the keynote speaker is BELL HOOKS! I am incredibly excited! I’m going to volunteer at the conference, as well as attend lectures on Cultivating Gender and Diversity Awareness on College Campuses, Teaching Critical Feminist Psychology in Homogenous Spaces, Sexual Objectification and the Reality of Gender Oppression: Our Role as Feminists, Preventing and Responding to Sexual Assault on Campus and in the Community, and seminars on publishing research where feminist academics who work with journals provide us with tips and guidance to help get our research published (finally!) So not only do I get to meet/listen to bell hooks, volunteer at the conference, work on getting my research up to publishing quality, and attend countless amazing lectures by feminists from across the country, but I also get the chance to attend some great classes on Self Care for Activists and Working with Trauma. 

If you amazing followers would be so kind as to help me get to this academic conference by purchasing feminist art, I would be forever grateful! 

Read more about the conference here:

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